Next meeting of the Acoustic2club at Broseley Social Club

Hi everyone, really good night on Monday 10th, lots of good music and some good laughs. Thanks for your support.

I have taken the liberty of adding some new songs to the Broseley Songbook. They are listed on the ‘new songs’ page. The confusion regarding ‘This Train is bound ….’, the correct version is actually the one listed. It has 7 verses so if yours only has 6 you need to reprint it.

Regarding new songs you are welcome to email me with some suggestions of your own preferably with the lyrics and chords attached. But please make sure it is not too complicated to play and sing which we have had suggested in the past. Of course if it is a particular favourite of yours you could lead the song yourself or even do it as a solo.

Anyway the next meeting of the club is on Monday 14th August 2017 so I hope to see you all then.