Valley Hotel gig latest

Hi everyone, at last the final details as far as we can work out thanks to Sheila’s sterling efforts on the phone and email.
We are on half way through the first half and if the show kicks off at 7pm as we are led to believe we should be on ‘stage’ at about 8pm. Then we are on again straight after the interval which we reckon will be about 9.15pm.
Each of our two sets will last about 20 minutes.
Can you please arrive at the Valley no later than 6pm so that the organiser of the event can do a sound check and any ‘sorting out’ and getting ready can be done without too much interruption to the other performers.
It is essential that you arrange to share a music stand and please make sure you only bring along the set list plus ‘extras’ that appear on the set list. I imagine that the stage will be very small!
Dress code – smart casual.
And remember to have a good time and enjoy yourself. 

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