Dates for diaries, Broseley and the Valley

Hi everyone just a reminder about the next meeting at Broseley which falls on Monday November 12th at the usual venue The Broseley Social Club at 7.15pm. we will probably spend part of the evening rehearsing some of the Valley set list.

The Valley Hotel gig on Sunday 25th November is going ahead. We have been asked to perform 2 sets of approx. 20 mins each. Sheila will update us with more information on Monday 12th at Broseley.





An enjoyable night at The Down

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Saturday night at The Down a success. A real team effort.  Alveley Bowls Club members and guests certainly enjoyed the evening and £150 was donated to The Lingen Davies Appeal. Well done everyone.

September 18 meeting of The Broseley Acoustic Band

Hi everyone, just one week to the next get together on the 10th September.  I won’t be there but Terry will be guiding you through the usual trials and tribulations of the night. Start time as normal 7.15pm in the upstairs room.

I have added quite a lot of songs to the songbook as you will see on the ‘songs’ page, songs which you will be very familiar with. Terry will explain more on the 10th.

Have fun and see you in October if not before.


New name

Another good night on Monday , thanks for your support. Probably a key point in the life of our little club when it was announced that, as we are now endeavouring to play in public to raise funds for a local charity, the name of the club has changed to The Broseley Acoustic Band. All being well we will be playing at The Down just outside Bridgnorth on Saturday 3rd November 2018.

August meeting at Broseley

Hi all, an enjoyable evening on Monday despite the shaky start and end and the bit in the middle. However you can’t have everything. The next meeting of the acoustic2club is on Monday August 13th at the usual time of 7.15pm.

Hope to see you there.